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linux cron job occasionally not running

Sometimes, one of the backup jobs that is scheduled to run daily simply does not run. The script is not even called according to /var/log/cron.log. Interesting to mention that other jobs scheduled to run exactly at the same time 

Site5 KnowledgeBase How to setup and manage

allow you to automate certain commands or scripts on your site. You can set a command or script to run at a specific time every day, week, etc. For example, you could set a cron job to delete temporary files every 

How to Create a Cron Job (Scheduled Task) for Your Website or

, created using the command line program called crontab, require that your website be hosted on a Unix-type web server, such as Linux or one of the BSDs. Generally, if the web server that your site is on is running Windows, you 

Working With On Linux

are used for scheduling tasks to run on the server. They're most commonly used for automating system maintenance or administration. However, they are also relevant to web application development. There are 

linux cron job doesn't run under specific account

It seems like are simply not running under only one specific account (oracle). Why would this be happening? Note that we are using Active Directory but I don't believe that has anything to do with this problem since 


Scheduled lists jobs that are scheduled explicitly or implicitly by other modules like Filesystem Backup. In contrast to Scheduled Commands which are executed just once, Scheduled ar executed hourly, 

Reliable Cron Across the Planet

This article describes Google's implementation of a distributed Cron service, serving the vast majority of internal teams that need periodic scheduling of compute jobs. During its existence, we have learned many lessons on how to design and 

linux are stopped running

I have cron job that run every 5 minutes in my red hat machine. 2,17,32,47 * * * * root /usr/sbin/logrotate -s /var/opt/swms/log/logrotate.status /opt/swms/etc/logrotate.d/syslog. After running for nearly 100 minutes, its stopped 

Can't upload lists after enabling cron job for uploads

Hi, we had a large list to upload (approx. 150,000). So I decided to turn on the as Sendy suggested. We're running Sendy on our own Linux box and I run the commands suggested by Sendy in the terminal and now when I try to 


I have a program that outputs stuff to standard output. I am using cron to schedule it which is fine because I am collecting the stuff that it prints outs via email and do some statistical work on that. I would like this to go on 

A Primer for Scheduling in Linux

in Linux are simple scheduled tasks that can be set to run commands at specific times. Unfortunately, the syntax isn't the easiest to use or remember, but in this month's column I'll share some examples and tips to help you better understand (2 years ago)

Wake Your Linux Up From Sleep for a Cron Job

We will check the requirements for the task. We will examine a typical use case. We will discuss the many small-print items revolving around this idea, e.g. why you need to be extra careful with waking from sleep for . And we'll do a few other and more » (4 years ago)

How to Create in cPanel

Some web hosting tasks can be tedious, not because they are difficult, but because you have to repeat them daily, monthly, or even hourly in some cases. Repetitive tasks, such as backups, are very important and forgetting to performing them can (3 years ago)

Apache Aurora v0.7.0 Released with Docker Support

The Apache Aurora community have released version 0.7.0-incubating of the Apache Aurora framework for Mesos, which provides a platform for long-running services and . This release includes beta integration with Docker, official support for the  (3 months ago)

Best Unix time-savers

ITworld.com And there's no better way to do things over and over again than to turn them into . Just don't forget about them completely. Every now and then, you should probably verify that your are still doing what they were intended to do. You (6 months ago)

Vulnerabilities found in more command-line tools, wget and tnftp get patches

CSO Online In addition to being used manually, wget is commonly called by custom scripts and scheduled tasks -- on Linux. "Wget versions prior to 1.16 are vulnerable to a symlink attack (CVE-2014-4877) when running in recursive mode with a FTP target Vulnerabilities found in more command-line tools, wget and tnftp get ITworld.com all 16 news articles » (7 months ago)

31 Days of OS X Tips: Clean Up Your Files Automatically Using Automator and A

Since we're getting to the end of the month, we figured it was time to put out some more advanced Mac tips: We're going to use Automator to schedule a shell script to run once a week and clean up our Mac's Trash and Downloads folder. Sound scary? It and more » (5 months ago)

JumpCloud just made cron obsolete

Besides , server orchestration could also be used for patching, access control and tracking. But really that just scratches the surface of server management and how server orchestration can help. JumpCloud's CEO, Rajat Bhargava is an old (1 year ago)

Holiday Guides 2014: COTS NAS Units

AnandTech It is trivial to schedule in both Synology and QNAP NAS units. You have full SSH access. If you are tech-savvy enough to go the DIY route / familiar with Linux scripting, I can guarantee that these two COTS NAS vendors are open enough to let (5 months ago)

Do Not Link, Roadtrip Mixtape, Yasu, The Met, Star Walk 2 Are Our Apps Of The

It carries out a couple of different scripts that clean up various caches and runs the that help fix your Mac when it throws weird errors. You'll need your admin password handy, and you'll want to kill all running apps before you let Yasu do (8 months ago)

Terminal 101: Creating | Mac|Life

Every Monday, we'll show you how to do something new and simple with Apple's built-in command line application. You don't need any fancy software, or a (2 years ago)

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please can u tell me how to use the crontab commad in aix plz give some exemple it will be better if u give me the option of cron in aix (1 day ago)

11 Cron Scheduling Task Examples in Linux

In this article we are going to review and see how we can schedule and run tasks in the background automatically at regular intervals using Crontab command. (7 hours ago)

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Linux Backup with TAR and

Info Level: Intermediate Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy Date Created: September 21, 2010 Length of Class: 35 Minutes Tracks Linux Prerequisites (1 day ago)

Linux CronTabs, , Task Schedulers

This video is on Linux CronTabs also known as Job Schedulers, Task Schedulers, and . Let me know if you have any questions by commenting below or (2 days ago)


Cronless is a free cron job service. We simulate a Linux cron job through our website and call your script at a scheduled time. refer to a Linux scheduling (6 hours ago)

PHP: running scheduled jobs ()

I have a site on my webhotel I would like to run some scheduled tasks on. What methods of achieving this would you recommend? What I?ve thought out so far is having (3 days ago)

Newbie: Intro to cron

Newbie: Intro to cron Date: 30-Dec-99 Author: cogNiTioN Cron This file is an introduction to cron, it covers the basics of what cron does (1 day ago)

HowTo: Add Jobs To cron Under Linux or UNIX?

H ow do I add cron job under Linux or UNIX like operating system? Cron allows Linux and Unix users to run commands or scripts at a given date and time. (23 hours ago)