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Library budgets are lean enough already. [viking?] was able to get management sign-off for the project by building a single prototype to show the simplicity of the system and the projected cost savings. Thanks to a couple of , the Pis shut the and more » (2 weeks ago)

BuycPanel.com Takes Major Steps to Go Green

cPanel also gives the client the ability to manage their own passwords, mail accounts, FTP accounts, sub domains, error pages, protected directories and files, MySQL databases, , redirects, and more. According to the U.S. Environmental and more » (3 weeks ago)

BuycPanel.com Celebrating its 16th Year in Business

cPanel also gives the client the ability to manage your own passwords, mail accounts, FTP accounts, sub domains, error pages, protected directories and files, MySQL databases, , redirects, and more. Since the company began, BuycPanel has  and more » (4 weeks ago)

Wake Your Linux Up From Sleep for a Cron Job

So you need a mechanism that will send your machine to sleep, wake it up when necessary, run , then send it back to sleep again. Possible? Well, if it weren't, I would not be writing this tutorial, but it definitely is not trivial. In this and more » (5 years ago)

Furious customers tear into 123-reg after firm's mass deletion woes

The fall-out continues from hosting service 123-reg's major weekend cockup, which knocked several customers offline ? with several telling us the error has effectively deleted their businesses. As already revealed, on Saturday customers' virtual and more » (1 month ago)

4 Docker gems for container lovers

InfoWorld It provides a single process that can be bundled into a container for managing how services start, how processes are administered, how tasks within the container are scheduled (à la ), and many other little duties that are normally handled by and more » (2 months ago)

Sending data into the void with /dev/null

Computerworld Unix systems make it easy to make output that you don't want to see simply disappear. Toss output into the void. Send errors in one direction, useful output in another. Something of a bit bucket, black hole, and digital garbage disposal, /dev/null is (4 months ago)

Sinking your teeth into rsync

Computerworld like I am (i.e., if you've set up your ssh keys and authorized_keys files). This allows you to run rsync commands in hands-off fashion. For example, you can set up that can greatly simplify the job of keeping important file collections (3 months ago)

System statistics with sar and the /proc filesystem

opensource.com Starting with Fedora 2X, sar no longer uses to control its collection and daily summary activities and systemd has taken over those duties. Check in the /usr/lib/systemd/system directory for the sysstat service, summary, and collect files if (3 months ago)

Cybercriminals use spy tactics for online bank heists

Computerworld The group identifies servers that handle financial transactions and creates (scheduled tasks) to automate transfers to multiple e-currency services, typically during weekends. In one case, the Kaspersky researchers found scripts that and more » (4 months ago)


The software utility Cron is a time-based job scheduler in Unix-like computer operating systems. People who set up and maintain software environments use cron to (5 days ago)


Overview. The crontab command, found in Unix and Unix-like operating systems, is used to schedule commands to be executed periodically. Generally, crontab (6 days ago)

Online CronJobs

SetCronJob offers reliable cronjob service with an easy-to-use WebCron interface. You can manage all cronjobs in one place. (5 days ago)

11 Cron Scheduling Task Examples in Linux

In this article we are going to review and see how we can schedule and run tasks in the background automatically at regular intervals using Crontab command. (4 days ago)

Newbie: Intro to cron

Newbie: Intro to cron Date: 30-Dec-99 Author: cogNiTioN Cron This file is an introduction to cron, it covers the basics of what cron does (5 days ago)

Linux Backup with TAR and

Info Level: Intermediate Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy Date Created: September 21, 2010 Length of Class: 35 Minutes Tracks Linux Prerequisites (5 days ago)

cron and crontab | Unix Linux Forums | Answers to

We have hundreds of threads involving cron and crontab. Rather than creating a post with dozens of links, I thought I'd just write up a tutorial with only a few (4 days ago)

in aix | Unix Linux Forums | AIX

please can u tell me how to use the crontab commad in aix plz give some exemple it will be better if u give me the option of cron in aix (4 days ago)

Configuring with cPanel | Drupal.org

cPanel controls domains and has an option to configure . Here is everything you need to configure in cPanel. cPanel formats pages based on styles. (2 weeks ago)

Linux: List / Display All

Explains how to view / list existing user specific or system specific installed and running under Linux. (7 days ago)